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Do cremated ashes have energy

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Cremation is the process of reducing the body to ashes through burning at high temperatures. After the process, the remains of a person are usually placed in an urn and then placed in a special burial site or given to family members. During this process, there is still energy left in the ashes that can be perceived by most people with empathic abilities.

Although cremation is usually seen as a way to dispose of a deceased person’s body, it still leaves behind their energy, which can affect those around them for a long time afterward. This type of energy does not have physical properties; instead, it is more likely to manifest as feelings or sensations that are experienced by those nearby. Many people who are sensitive to spiritual energy claim that they can feel the energy from cremated ashes and sense when something has just been released from them. They may also be able to identify memories or emotions attached to the deceased person’s energy.

Each person’s spiritual energy deposits differently into their ashes after cremation which makes it unique for every individual. People who claim to sense this type of spiritual energy often state that they can feel calmness, peace and even love coming from certain remains. They may also click here to detect bits and pieces of how that particular person lived their life while they were alive such as personality traits and values they bared throughout their lifetime. While these energies do not remain forever, they can linger around enough for many people who will pass by them later on in life to still be affected by it on some level spiritually or emotionally.

Introduction to cremation

Cremation is a process that has been around for centuries and continues to be used in many cultures today as a way to honor and remember the dead. It is the process of burning a body down to its basic elements, leaving behind only ashes and bone fragments. While there is no conclusive scientific evidence that cremated remains have energy; there are theories based on spiritual beliefs held by many people around the world.

Many cultures believe that the spirit of an individual lives on after death, and the physical body can be seen as a conduit or portal through which its energy may travel beyond physical death. Cremation is seen as a way to honor this connection between the physical body and this eternal spiritual essence. Some believe that energy produced by cremation allows souls to pass more easily into other forms of existence, such as with other animals, plants, or minerals.

Exploring the ancient beliefs about the power of ashes

In ancient times, ashes were thought to have great spiritual power. To some, they were believed to bring good luck while to others they were a reminder of death and bad luck. People would sprinkle the ashes of their dead relatives and ancestors upon the Earth as a way of honoring their life and legacy.

Although many cultures no longer subscribe to these ancient beliefs about the power of ashes, some still hold onto this idea that cremated ashes are imbued with special energy or power. Within certain shamanic traditions, for example, it is believed that ashes can help heal physical or emotional wounds in order to bring renewal. They may also be used in rituals of purification or cleansing in order to release negative energies from an individual’s aura or environment. In each case, belief in the power of ashes can symbolize hope for better days ahead and strength during difficult times.

The scientific study of energy in cremated remains

The scientific study of energy in cremated remains is a fairly recent area of research. Studies have been conducted to determine if there is any form of energy capable of surviving the heat and pressure of a cremation process. The results have been inconclusive, with researchers still unsure if post-cremation ashes contain anything that could be considered energy or not.

In one experiment conducted by physicist RolfFriedrich Jaeger, several corpses were deliberately placed in a special aluminium chamber and subjected to extremely high temperatures. The purpose was to attempt to measure any changes or emissions stemming from the bodies as they were being cremated. Although no definitive proof was found, the experiment did induce some unusual readings with some experts suggesting that there may be some kind of unknown energy present in the ashes after cremation.

Other studies looking at the same topic have also reported mixed results. While there are certainly many hypotheses about what kind of “energy” might survive in cremated remains, it seems clear that more research is needed before any sound conclusions can be drawn.

What do spiritual practitioners have to say?

The spiritual community is divided on this issue. Some spiritual practitioners believe cremated ashes have energy, while others don’t.

Those who believe in the power of the ashes believe that when we die, there is a unique type of energy released. This energy, they say, remains with the ashes and can imbue them with special powers. They may even use gemstones, crystals, and other objects to further maintain or enhance the energy contained in the ashes.

Others disagree and argue that cremation doesn’t release any kind of energetic force because it breaks down too much on a molecular level for any kind of real energy to remain. They also point out that most people do not feel supercharged after coming into contact with someone’s ashes—at least, not in a measurable manner—which bolsters their argument.

Examining personal experiences with energy from crematory remains

When examining the personal experiences of energy from crematory remains, many stories have been shared. Some people have reported feeling a strange presence in the room when they were near cremation remains. Others have seen bright flashes of light or felt vibrations or energies coming off the remains. It’s not clear what causes these experiences, but anecdotally it may be due to some kind of energy that is released as part of the cremation process.

Whether or not this energy exists is open to debate, but there are some people who believe that our spirit and soul can remain with the physical remains after death, creating some sort of lingering vibration or aura around them. Though there is no scientific evidence to back up these claims at this moment in time, there is certainly anecdotal evidence which would suggest it could be possible for cremation ashes to carry a spiritual and energetic residue.